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Flat Pack
Assembly Kit

Our client ordered an FCFW60 Lay-On Application Dormer in the Flat Pack Delivery Option. The contractor said "His guys were amazed how easy it was to assemble."               

                                                                         Ed B.

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A client ordered our Standard #30 Lay-On Application Dormer with a webbed grill pattern to match an existing historical dormer on his main house. 

Historical Dormer
#30 Lay-on Web Grill Pattern
Garage Closeup

The #30 dormer was selected because of it's smaller scale to fit on the clients garage. Our Client said "The dormer matched perfectly in proportion to the size of the garage and were very pleased with how it turned out. The owner, supplier and contractor worked together." The main house and garage now have matching dormers.

                                                                          Dennis S.


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