The Installation Process and Video of the True-Through Prefabricated Eyebrow Window Dormer
A contractor will be needed to install the Prefabricated True-Through Dormer on your project.
FCFW50 Twins.jpg

Here we started out with two identical True-Through Eyebrow Window

Dormers, fully assembled, loaded on the truck and ready to transport to their destination.

True-Through application:
For a cathedral, hyperbolic finished ceiling interior with view to outside and natural light coming through. 

The dormers are to be installed on this Tutor style home, flanking the turret to give the roof-line more appeal and to bring some much needed light into the upper level finished space.

rough opening

For the True-Through application, rough openings were provided to the contractor for alteration to the existing roof rafters. The dormers could then be easily dropped right into place. On this project a crane was brought on site to lift each dormer safely, quickly and easily into the openings.

Please enjoy this short video of the "easy" one day installation process of this Prefabricated True-Through Dormer Application.


Dormers are then secured and fastened into the rough openings.


Flashing and roofing were applied.

operable window unit

Operable hopper style windows were installed for this project.

window installed
foam insulation

Foam insulation is applied between dormer rafters.

Sheetrock is cut to follow the hyperbolic shape of interior curve.


Spackle is applied to the Sheetrock and smoothed for a seamless curve.


Finished interiors of both Eyebrow Window Dormers

Interior/exterior view from one Eyebrow Window to the other.

the-view (2).jpg
finished dormers

We hope you enjoyed this great example of the fully assembled True-Through Dormer installation process. Please also see our other shipping options on the Request Quote page and get creative using our BOXXCRAFT APP. to Design your own Eyebrow Dormer. We look forward making your project a success.

Here is the True-Through finished product. The clients were extremely pleased with the outcome and were delighted with the process of giving their tutor home an enchanting facade. The "eye's" have it...!!!

snow2 (6).jpg

Close-up shot of completely installed finished dormer