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Interior Lighted

Andersen Unit FCFW60 Back Light Effect

FCC2 Parts Dislay 2

Andersen Unit FCC2 Parts Display


(After Photo) Twin #70 True-Through Dormers


(Before Photo) Twin #70 True-Through Dormers

13' close-up

13' Custom True-through Close-up

13' Full View

Custom 13' Full Home View

Finished Interior

Custom 13' Finished Result

Keyhole Dormer

Multiple Key Hole Dormers

FCFW50 4-lite Grill Pattern

FCFW50 4-Lite Grill Pattern

Andersen Unit FCFW50

Andersen Unit FCFW50 True-Through

#40 Multiple

Multiple #40 True-Through Dormers

#50 Sunburst

#50 Dormer with Sunburst Grill Pattern

Ferry Ride

Ferry Ride Dormer Delivery

#30 Display

#30 Closeup Finished Shingled Example

Twin dormers and Turret Roof

#30 Twins with Operable Window Units

Custom Long Barrel

Custom Long Barrel Dormer

8-Lite Vertical Grill Pattern

8-Lite Vertical Grill Pattern

Multiple Dormers

Replicated Multiple Dormers

Custom Transom

Custom Transom Roof Entry

Half Round Black Grill

Half Round Window Unit with Black Grid Grill Pattern

#50 True-Through

Close-up #50 True-Trough

#50 True-Through

#50 True-Trough 5-Lite Vertical Grill Pattern

#30 Lay-On

#30 Lay-On 3-Lite Vertical Grill Pattern

Interior Ceiling

Custom True-Through Interior Ceiling

#50 Sunburst Grill Pattern

#50 Lay-On with Sunburst Grill Pattern

Semi Half Round

Custom Semi Half Round with Grid Window

Custom True-Through

Custom True-Through

Webbed Grill Pattern

Web Grill Pattern

Fully Assembled Crated

Fully Assembled - Crated Dormer Ready To Ship

Flat Pack

BOXXCRAFT - Flat Pack- Ready For Shipment

Flat Pack Crate Shipment

BOXXCRAFT Flat Pack Freight Loading

Michael Mazalewski 120922 Before #34.jpg
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