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Technical Specifications

  • All Eyebrow Window Dormer Supply Inc. and Boxxcraft Inc. products are made with the highest quality Industry Standard materials available. Our fabrication and/or exhibited construction techniques meet or exceed the National Building Code and Municipal Building department requirements.

  • Joinery is tight and right

  • Framing lumber is #2 and better Douglas Fir

  • Sheathing and Laminated headers are made from exterior grade Fir plywood

  • Fasteners are Epoxy Coated decking screws

  • Glue is exterior grade polyurethane adhesive

  • Waterproof pans are fabricated from Zinc Coated Copper and Soldered

  • Facia and Trim is PVC composite e.g. Versatex or Azek

  • All laminated plywood components are glued, screwed and clamped until cured

  • Engineering services for all products are available.


  • Architectural Specification Package

  • Templates for onsite cutting and assembly (Skill Level A)

  • Flat Pack - pre-cut components for onsite assembly (Skill Level B )

  • Full Prefabrication - complete component framing ready for installation (Skill Level C)

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