About Us

After 20 years of high end custom carpentry the owners of Eyebrow Window Dormer Supply Inc. have produced a line of Prefabricated Eyebrow Dormer Window Truss Roof Unit Systems. These units are “patent pending” and are for quick, labor saving, cost effective installations.

Eyebrow Window Dormer Supply's mission is to provide a beautiful prefabricated eyebrow dormer window that will allow natural light into an attic space or through to a vaulted ceiling living space. We also wanted to revolutionize the construction and installation process by providing an eyebrow dormer window that is complete and ready to install in a day.

Our units will provide an attractive, elegant architectural feature that was only previously available on a custom-made basis. This high end carpentry detail which was achieved only by a select few is now available to the public. The Eyebrow Dormer Window Truss Roof Unit System “patent pending” is only a phone call away.

Eyebrow dormer louvers are also available for use as attic vents or for HVAC applications. Available upon request, we also prefabricate Barrel, Keyhole, and Oval Dormers as well as uniquely shaped Cupolas.